Quincy Jones’ Essential Items

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Quincy Jones' Essential Items

I had the honor of shooting Quincy Jones’ essential items during his cover photo shoot for HYPETRAK Magazine. We got a glimpse of Q’s amazing legacy through the items he featured, like the ring given to him by Frank Sinatra or Nelson Mandela’s bed pan from jail. I decided to do the write-up for Q’s essentials myself as I wanted to take it as an opportunity to teach the youth about one of the most influential men of our time. It was a challenge talking about Quincy’s life in such a short amount of words, he’s done so many notable things over the years. Little did I know people would get caught up with the size of the Fresh Prince hat in the photo. The internet was buzzing asking, “What the hell is up with his giant hat?!” Reading those comments across HYPETRAK, HYPEBEAST and Instagram was the bane of my existence that day. To put it to rest, the hat is a giant novelty sized hat from the wrap party for the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Mystery solved people! You can see his legendary essentials on HYPETRAK and HYPEBEAST.

We asked Quincy to show us a couple of items that help illustrate the scope of his legacy. He has presented us with the pan Nelson Mandela gave to him, which Mandela ate out of every day in prison, as well as the ring Quincy always wears, gifted to him by his great friend Frank Sinatra. Q was friends and peers with many extraordinary people over the years, but he also had an undeniable eye for talent and helped to create cultural icons as well. In his essentials we see a hat from the set of the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel­Air, which Q executive produced.