Interview w/ Legendary Skateboarding Photographer Skin Phillips

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Legendary Skateboarding Photographer Skin Phillips and adidas Tell Us to ``Respect Your Roots``

I got an invite from adidas to attend the opening reception event for iconic skateboarding photographer, Skin Phillips at Known Gallery. I thought it would be a good opportunity to pick the brain of an OG in skate culture and hear about how skateboarding has changed over the years. He was definitely a cool guy and easy to talk to, time flew by during our conversation. I transcribed the interview and wrote an intro to go along with the photos I took at the event, which all came together for a post on HYPEBEAST.

How underground was the scene when you started?

It was really underground; Thrasher hadn’t even come out. I was 18 at the time in like ‘82, the kids I were shooting were like 15 and 16, they were like these surfer punk kids, into Bad Religion and the hardcore scene that didn’t really exist, they just somehow knew about all this underground punk music. Swansea was just in one pocket and London had Palace Ramp and northern England had a scene and each of these cities maybe had like 1 ramp and 5 skaters in each city, literally 5 tops. In the UK at that time there was probably no more than 100 skaters.