A Conversation With Adidas Skateboarding’s Mark Suciu

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Knowing the Ledge: A Conversation With Adidas Skateboarding Pro Mark Suciu

Adidas flew me up to the Bay Area to do a story on professional skateboarder, Mark Suciu, and his new pro model shoe. I found Mark to be interesting as he’s known as one of the more scholarly skaters; he’s a pro who is also enrolled full time in college. I believe this shows how popular skateboarding has gotten and how there is no longer one mold for a skateboarder. Check out an excerpt below:

Mark Suciu: I basically moved across the country for postmodern architecture. Put like that it doesn’t sound like I’m telling the truth, but what I mean is I moved because I wanted to skate Love Park and Muni, which are pieces of postmodern architecture. The parks now are mostly grass; in Philly they have more structured plazas with a lot of granite and that’s perfect for skating. The relationship between architecture and skateboarding is definitely there. When you think about architecture of course the function is the necessity and you think about architects who have found ways to weave unique designs with the function. That’s kind of what we did when designing this shoe.