Interview with Kendrick Lamar

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Interview with Kendrick Lamar at Reebok's Pump Event

Reebok invited me to attend a secret event for the Reebok Pump. They did not reveal what would happen but advised me to come and to bring my camera. To everyone’s surprise Kendrick Lamar came out on the back of a semi-truck and everyone ran in their Reebok Pumps behind him in the middle of the streets of Hollywood. Shooting concert photography at night is hard enough, imagine trying to do it while running behind a truck at night time! It was such a fun and unique concert experience that I decided to do an interview with Kendrick Lamar for HYPETRAK. I was not allowed to ask questions about his latest album To Pimp a Butterfly, which was a bummer, but it was still cool interviewing King Kendrick.

Has it been a conscious plan from the beginning of your career to get to a place where you can express yourself and speak for your community through your music as well as a partnership with a brand?
Kendrick Lamar: It’s something I can’t truthfully say I always had in mind. As I matured and got older, I kind of drifted to what my calling is and right now I’m in this place where I’m doing just that. Whether its making music that people can feel, or making shoes that people can still relate to and express themselves through as a lifestyle.