Croatianstyle Dissects the Sneaker Market

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Curators versus Resellers: Croatianstyle Dissects the Sneaker Market

After viewing Croatianstyle’s massive shoe collection at the RETROspective show, I followed up with him at his Project Blitz headquarters to shoot some photos and discuss sneaker reselling. It was interesting to hear about sneaker culture from a reseller’s perspective and I got a peek into what it’s like to be a real sneakerhead. I thought I was into kicks but Andre’s love for shoes puts me to shame! I ended up going to Project Blitz’s secret location to shoot photographs, perform the interview and I wrote the intro for the published post on HYPEBEAST.

What about the people who criticize resellers for buying up all of the stock on limited releases?
Croatianstyle: The people that are willing to go camp out for days are just more willing than people that are not. The people that are complaining about not getting a pair, are they willing to go camp out? Are they willing to wake up at 5 am to jump on the internet? It’s easy to find a bot; are they willing to pay 20 dollars extra to get a pair. Most of the time these people are just not willing and are lazy anyways. These are the people that if something’s not selling out, they’re not going to go buy it anyways.