Interview with Snoop Dogg

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I Asked Snoop Dogg About His Vetements Shirt & Upcoming Mark Gonzales Collaboration

adidas Skateboarding’s PR reached out to me with an opportunity to interview Snoop Dogg at the premiere of their film Away Days. Needless to say I was very interested and wanted to make it happen, Snoop’s a legend and I grew up on his music. I came up with questions that I thought would be relevant for a fashion platform and I got to interview Snoop in his dressing room before the event. He was even cooler than I thought he’d be in person and that’s really saying something! I snapped a couple of photos and the interview that ensued with Snoop was featured on HYPEBEAST. I ended up being the first person to show Snoop that this brand Vetements was selling a t-shirt with his face on it for over $900 and his reaction was priceless. When I was coming up with the last question about the t-shirt I was hoping it would play out like it did and that he’d give a quote; I couldn’t have been happier with his response! While my story was featured on HYPEBEAST, other media outlets ended up picking up my interview and making it a story on their own sites. Complex did a story on my exchange with Snoop, which can be seen here and Highsnobiety also picked up my story and reported it, that version can be seen here. Check out an excerpt and more photos below!

“I wouldn’t even pay 900-something dollars for a Snoop Dogg shirt and I know the muthaf***a. Hell nah, hell nah! Nah, but that’s a good thing man, continued success to whoever sellin’ it man, hopefully one day soon y’all give me something. Break bread or fake dead, y’all know what it is!”