Discussing “Pink Beach” With Pharrell Williams

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Discussing the Positive Vibes Behind ``Pink Beach`` With Pharrell Williams

adidas PR reached out to HYPEBEAST for a potential interview with fashion/music icon Pharrell Williams on his recent collaboration with adidas Originals for their Pink Beach collection. HYPEBEAST contacted me with the opportunity and despite being very busy, I just had to clear time for this amazing opportunity. The team provided me with questions and I showed up to adidas’ event early to get some one on one time with Pharrell. We sat down for a quick chat about his collection and he opened up about his self reflection and spirituality and how it informed that collection. I have to say, I thought he’d look older up close and in person but no, the guy really does not age… I took a few photos of Skateboard P to go along with our interview, the pink lighting in the event space was crazy. Check them out below!

“So I put all of that stuff together with things I was feeling and it just became this recipe and it was like what if there was a physical destination for that elevation, that heightened frequency and that’s where we got Pink Beach from. Essentially it’s a place that’s within everybody you know? It’s a metaphor, Pink Beach is a metaphor for spirituality.”